Confirmation is normally provided to students in 6th or 7th grade. Confirmation is not the beginning or the end of the faith journey. Confirmation is about making disciples. It is that simple and that challenging.

We use a curriculum called “Credo Confirmation” to guide students in discipleship and come to accept Christ as the Lord and Savior and produce fruit of God’s grace in service to Christ. Credo is a confirmation program that is not your conventional classroom experience! It brings worship, Sunday school, Bible study, service, and church ministries into confirmation. It is a confirmation program so straightforward, so flexible, Credo also offers a wide variety of scheduling options. We are able to design the program over the course of a school year or semester, in 8 weeks, spread out over 3 years, or as a series of retreats. The curriculum is designed in cooperation with the leaders, parents/guardians, and students for each annual or biannual class situation.

The curriculum is divided into three main areas of concentration:
Know Your Story...
Encounter the faith narrative from creation to Christianity.
Confirm Your Faith...
Embrace the essential beliefs and practices of The United Methodist Church.
Live Your Commitment.
Embody the confirmation vows and embark on the Christian discipleship journey.