Dozens of volunteers come to the Family Life Center five days a week for six weeks in the summer. They provide lunches, share Bible stories, lead crafts and activities for more than 80 children who are the school lunch program.
Amy Ford, the Coordinator for Community in Schools in Mt. Vernon, shared a concern with Susan Sample in 2008. Her worry was that some students would not have access to at least one meal a day during the summer months, leaving many to go hungry. Susan appealed to FUMC for help and soon Lunches of Love was born.
Many of us watch cooking channels or scroll the internet to come up with “new and different recipes” to please our families at mealtime so it’s difficult to imagine that there are children right here in our own community who go to bed each night with an empty stomach.
“Two buses and three vans travel to homes and central locations to pick up approximately 80-90 children each day,” said Susan Sample.  “Most of our area churches, as well as the Rotary Club, donate to the program.  Additionally, local farmers have given us watermelons, green beans, and other fresh fruits and vegetables from their gardens. We’re grateful for all contributions.”
Activity time is also a favorite. Adult volunteers help them make crafts, pottery, pillow cases, and tell Bible stories. The past two years, the children have also participated in our church’s Vacation Bible School. 
Lauren Dunlap said, “I like that lunch ladies and lunch men are coming in and making food for us because they love us. And people are teaching us about God because they love us and care for us.”
How wonderful is that?