Play Therapy

Play therapy is a unique way of doing therapy with children utilized by therapists, teachers, and parents.
The ideal age of a client who can benefit from play therapy is between three to twelve years of age.   Children may need to see a play therapist when they have issues or therapeutic needs.  Play is the child’s most basic way of self-expression. It is natural for a child to play.

Young children lack the ability to do “talk therapy” because they do not have the vocabulary, or the attention span of an adult.  Natural child play helps children learn ways to be socially acceptable. It allows children to role play over and over again and to practice what it feels like to be to be a success in their culture. It helps children learn to deal with negative feelings such as anger and sadness.

Rainbow Connection does not offer play therapy, but we can give you some information on who to see should this be a service that might benefit your child.   This is sometimes helpful with children who have been diagnosed with ADHD or ODD.