Scripture in the Classroom

Teachers use Scripture in the classroom in several ways.     Scripture is used for correction and guidance as suggested in the Child Training Bible.    A verse of the week is selected for Chapel on Wednesdays and all children are encouraged to memorize this verse.  Teachers may use others Scripture in their activities and art projects. Scripture is often seen on the bulletin boards and walls of the classrooms.
Child Training Bible
Before you use this scripture in the classroom, please do the following:

  1. 1Mark the scripture in your Bible
  2. Read the verse aloud to the kids in circle time                           
  3. Try to help the kids memorize the verse (or part of it)
  4. Explain what it means to the kids

Scripture for fighting, hitting, biting, pushing
1 John 4:11          Because God loves us, we should love each other.
1 Cor. 13:5           Love doesn’t demand its own way.
Prayer for you to use over the child – Lord, help this child have a tender and loving heart
Questions for child
Are you showing love for your friends?
Does Jesus love you?  (Yes, he died on the cross for you)
Why should you be nice to your friends?  Because God loves me and God loves my friend


Scripture for not listening
Prov. 12:15  The wise listen to others
Prov. 23:12  Listen carefully to words of knowledge
Prayer for you to use over the child – Lord, help this child to listen to advice and accept instruction so he/she can gain wisdom.

Questions for child
Are you acting wisely or foolishly?  (compare to wise man and foolish man building house)
Why should you listen?  (God tells me to – Matt. 17:5)
Did Jesus listen?  Yes  (Luke 3:52 – Jesus grew in wisdom and in favor with God)