Adopt a Classroom

Adopting a classroom means taking on the needs of a classroom for a designated time (usually a year).  The donor would provide money needed to purchase classroom curriculum needs, art materials, bulletin board packets, music CDs, educational DVDs, etc.  Furnishing a room with educational materials would be about $1000/year.  If a donor wanted to provide some new table/chairs, cubbies, centers, etc., the cost might be closer to $2000 for the year.    Adopting a classroom can be varied to match the needs of the classroom to the intent of the donor.  Classrooms available include the toddler room, ones room, twos room, threes room, preschool room, and the after-school room.

Another way a donor could help a classroom is by sponsoring a field trip.  The Pre-K and school-age classrooms take a variety of field trips during the year.  The cost of a field trip might range from $50-$300.  Threes and below do not take field trips, but there are a variety of programs that are available to come to the facility itself.  Puppet troups, story tellers, and music groups would be a great way to sponsor a special program for the children.