Other Ways You Can Help


  • Donate used toys in good condition
  • Donate games appropriate for the after-school children
  • Donate school supplies in August - pencils, crayolas, glue sticks, etc.
  • Donate containers - canvas totes, cute baskets, cute boxes
  • Donate nap mats (red and blue ones)
  • Donate play dough
  • Donate construction paper
  • Donate seasonal crafts for holidays or four seasons
  • Donate seasonal decorations for holidays
  • Donate bulletin board borders, letters, packets
  • Donate a rocking chair in good condition
  • Donate time (read to kids, help with a craft)
  • Donate time - help clean up playground area, level rocks, pull weeds
  • Donate time (teach a sport to older children, teach dance, music)


Thank you in advance for your support!