Teacher Training

New teachers are required to clock 54 hours of training their first year at Rainbow.  After the first year, teachers are required to get 30 hours of training/year.  These trainings cover all areas of child care – health and safety, age appropriate activities, brain development for the different ages, positive discipline, professionalism, sensory activities, SIDS, Shaken Baby, Abuse and Neglect, Vehicle Safety, and more.  Trainings range from $10/hour to $30/hour.  A two-hour training at Rainbow for all teachers would range from $250-500. 

All teachers are required to have CPR/First Aid when they are hired and then every two years afterwards.  This class is $40/teacher.

Training programs are also available for purchase that can be taught locally.  These trainings range from about $299-$500.  These include teaching DVDs, worksheets, and assessments.  ½ of a teacher’s total training hours can be obtained from these self-studies.