Ignite Kids – Sun and Wed


Children in grades K – 6th gather for Bible Time in the Ignite Kids area every Sunday morning. There are options – 9:45 AM or 11:00 AM. Different teaching methods are engaged to teach Biblical stories and Godly ways of handling children’s social and family situations such as storytelling, games, crafts, multi-media, music and other sensory methods. The students explore who God is and how He wants to be the most important part of each child’s life. Different teaching styles help to reach each child’s special way of learning. Our mission is to instill in each class member how much they are loved by God and that He is relevant in the world they are
living in today. The classes are facilitated by Children’s director
Pam Greenberg and adult\parent volunteers.


During the school year, children are invited to our exciting Wed Nite Ministry

6PM to 7:15PM 3 & 4’rs, and K – 6th

We have music, games, prizes, missions and lots of fun.
Please contact Pam Greenberg, 903-537-4125, with any questions.